Seismic Wave Analysis Group
List of Publications

The potential of self-supervised networks for random noise suppression in seismic data
Birnie, Claire Emma; Ravasi, Matteo; Liu, Sixiu; Alkhalifah, Tariq Ali
Using blind-spot network as an efficient denoiser of seismic data contaminated by random noise.

Deep learning unflooding for robust subsalt waveform inversion
Alali, Abdullah; Kazei, Vladimir; Kalita, Mahesh; Alkhalifah, Tariq Ali
Automatically unflooding salt using deep learning (U-net)

Single Reference Frequency Loss for Multifrequency Wavefield Representation Using Physics-Informed Neural Networks
Huang, Xinquan; Alkhalifah, Tariq Ali
Utilizing the linear relation between frequency and wavenumber (the wavefield space representation) to incorporate a reference frequency scaling to the loss function.

PINNup: Robust neural network wavefield solutions using frequency upscaling and neuron splitting
Huang, Xinquan; Alkhalifah, Tariq Ali
An application of PINN using frequency upscaling and neuron splitting, which allows the neural network model to grow in size as we increase the frequency while leveraging the information from the pre-trained model for lower-frequency wavefields. As a result fast convergence to highly accurate wavefield solutions is achieved.